Road to My Best Smile: Weeks 7-9



The newest addition to my ClearCorrect journey? ENGAGERS! Like me, you’re probably wondering, “What in world are engagers?” Dr. DeShield broke it down for me: Engagers (aka Attachments) are small, composite-resin bumps placed on teeth to help them move. These help your ClearCorrect aligners better position your smile to your end goal, by grabbing onto to each, uniquely created tooth.

Though without my ClearCorrect braces on, the engagers felt a bit gritty against my lips, the process to place them on were quick, easy and painless. When my ClearCorrect trays are in, I don’t even feel my engagers, as there are pre-created molds for each, so your tray slides on top of them easily.

Each new tray presents a level of discomfort, but I now only change them out every¬†TWO¬†weeks. I start my new tray at night (Friday nights) so that my teeth can adjust overnight and aren’t as uncomfortable during the day. By day three, I’m in a much better state and barely notice they are there.

My only downfall? Taking them out while out on dinner dates. I get a little self-conscious because of tooth gap, but I know this awkward period will be short-lived.

Slowly but surely, I’m inching closer and closer to my Best Smile.

Stay tuned for new updates!

Road to My Best Smile: Weeks 7-9
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