Road to My Best Smile: Weeks 3-4.5


It’s been a while, but we’re still moving along on this winding road! I received a few questions via Facebook that I want to answer before we dive in:

  1. So what made you do it after so long? I really, finally, came to my senses and realized that its never too late to reach your Best Smile. It was now or never and people rarely even notice that I’m wearing ClearCorrect.
  2. What’s the difference between ClearCorrect and Invisalign? The brand, honestly. They both work in the same way. But have a chat with your dentist to see which would be the most financially supportive for you because it may vary from office-to-office. ClearCorrect was my best option and Dr. DeShield is AWESOME at it.

Week 3: I’m on my 2nd tray/set of ClearCorrect and dare I say it…I’m getting used to it. It’s December and I’ve mastered going to the bathroom before the food and drinks begin, then returning before anyone else notices. I still need to work better with brushing every day at work in between meals, but in the morning and before bed, I clean both my top and bottom thoroughly with my toothbrush and a little toothpaste.

But of course, it’s never THAT easy. One afternoon, I get a call from Dr. DeShield. She tells me that my beloved Baby Tooth must be pulled ASAP in order to progress forward. This call comes unexpected and I thought that Baby and I had much more time together, but all of that was about to change. Because I live in Charlotte and commute to Dr. DeShield in Greensboro (because she’s the best and definitely worth the drive) we had to be strategic about the date. We went ahead and scheduled the pull for the day after Christmas. What a lovely present.


Week 4: Christmas cheer is in the air, we’re all in the holiday spirit and doing last minute shopping. Most importantly, I still have my Baby Tooth lol.

I chat with Dr. DeShield over the holidays about what to expect:

  • The recovery time, post extraction: Just a few days of it being sore. It will bleed for an hour or two (following the extraction) and will be sensitive, but should heal well because there was not much root to the Baby Tooth.
  • What can I eat: Keep it soft for at least 24 hours–no rice, no chips, nothing that can get into the new space of the extraction.
  • Wait…I have a cavity and can’t chew on the opposite side of the extraction comfortably. What do I do?: Get a FILLING (Dr. DeShield conducted by filling right before the extraction and it took no time).
  • So…I’m just going to have a huge gap/missing tooth in the FRONT of my mouth where my main canine will *eventually* move to?: Yes…BUT a little composite placed in your top set, the same color of your teeth, will be placed where the Baby Tooth used to be. So when you smile (while wearing your set), you won’t see a missing gap :)

So we did it! Though Baby is gone, I know we did this for the best. Now my main canine will be able to move comfortably into the space of where my Baby Tooth was and we can continue on the right track.

There was some bleeding at first and eating was super awkward. I became a little self conscious whenever my top set wasn’t in because I didn’t want for people to look at the gap in my mouth, but eventually I got over it. And of course, it totally helps that when my top set is in…its totally undetectable. I think Dr. DeShield may have found a more subtle way to ensure I wear my set!

Road to My Best Smile: Weeks 3-4.5
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